• YIA Art Fair Basel 15th – 18th of June 2017 at YIA ART FAIR #10 Basel Basel Art Center, Riehentorstrasse 33, 4058 Basel

  • PHOTO FLESH 14th of May – 3rd of June 2017, Private View: 13 May 2017

  • PULPA 6th of April – 13th of April, Private View: 7th of April at 3 pm
    at TR.K.Burt Gallery 57-61 Union Street London SE1 1SG

  • New studio address 2 Brougham Street, Leicester, LE1 2BA StudionAme 24.01.2017

  • 'Here is almost there' at Attenborough Arts Centre Leicester as part of 'Two Queens - Happy to Be Here', January 6th to 12th, 2017

  • Artist Talk, Lightbox Gallery, LCB Depot Leicester, 22 August 2016, 11am
    As part of her artist-in-residency at Silver Vine Arts, Jaeger talks about her practice and latest work 'White paper : Blue light or'.

  • 'White paper : Blue light or' at Lightbox Gallery as part of SUMMER ART TRAIL, Leicester, 20-29 August 2016

  • Artist in Residency 2016
    Jaeger has been awarded an artist-in-residency at SILVER VINE ARTS with studio space at LCB Leicester

  • Research in Residencies 2016
    Jaeger is collaborating with BAYEUX LONDON and PHOTO PARLOUR NOTTINGHAM as part of her PhD research project.

  • Helsinki Photomedia 2016
    Jaeger presented PhD research at Photomedia 2016, Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture in Helsinki
    30 March–1 April 2016

  • Jaeger, Andrea, (2016 [2010]). What is left behind, RBSA Gallery
    Birmingham (10 March–9 April 2016).

  • Jaeger, Andrea, (2015-6 [2010]). What is left behind, New Walk Museum
    and Art Gallery Leicester (5 November 2015 to 9 January 2016)

  • ADM Scholarship Award
    Jaeger was awarded a full-time PhD Scholarship by Birmingham City University's Faculty of Arts, Design and Media.

  • 'What is left behind' at New Walk Museum and Art Gallery, 53 New Walk, Leicester,
    November 5th, 2015 to January 9th, 2016

  • 'Here is almost there' at ART COPENHAGEN 2015 , @ Forum Copenhagen,
    September 18th to 20th, 2015

  • 'Meaning-Making and Photography: The Material Performance of Non-Objects'
    PhD project at CFAR Photography Expanded, BCU commencing in September 2015.

  • Private view on 24th April, 5 pm of 'Metamorphosis'
    at Great Central Gallery Leicester,

  • 'What is left behind' at KÖLNER LISTE 2015 , The New Yorker DOCK.ONE
    Hafenstraße 1, 51063 Cologne,
    April 16th to 19th, 2015, Opening: April 15th, 2015

  • Open Studios 2 Queens
    'Oscar' at Open Studios 2 Queens, Leicester LE1 1QW, 14 March 2015

  • The Attenborough Prize 2015
    The Attenborough Prize 2015 has been won by Jaeger for her work 'Here is almost there' and featured in the Open 26 exhibition at Newarke Houses Museum. The £2000 Attenborough Prize aims to support a regional artist and their professional development.

  • 'Here is almost there' as part of the group exhibition 'Open 26'
    at Newarke Houses Museum Leicester, 14 March - 4 May 2015

  • 'XA' as part of the group exhibition 'Ag'
    at Two Queens Gallery 29.08.-06.09.2014

  • 'I fail to see what you mean' at the group exhibition 'Aktion'
    at Photobastei Zürich

  • 'What is left behind' at the group exhibition "open14"
    at Sock Gallery, Loughborough, 04.01.-02.02.2014

  • New studio address
    2 Queen St, Leicester LE1 1QW Two Queens

  • 'experimentum' at Photobastei Zürich

  • 'Once upon a time' at Photogarage Zurich

  • 'What is left behind' at CabaneB, Bern,Switzerland

  • 'Oscar' at the group exhibition 'Romantik 2.0'
    at Altstadt-Krankenhaus, Magdeburg, 1. bis 24. Juni 2012

  • 'I Fail to See what you mean, The Human, No 4'
    at the group exhibition 'Fil Rouge 2012'
    at Galerie Mayhaus, Erlach CH
    6. Mai - 1. Juli 2012

  • 'Alcatraz' at the group exhibition 'Raumzeit. Eine kunstfotografische Erkundung der Raumkoordinaten'
    at station21 – Plattform für junge Kunst Zürich 4.-24. Mai 2012

  • Research project: I SEE_Artistic Research Process 2011-2012
    Sponsored by HKB Research Area Intermediality

    The aim is to capture and make visible the artistic research process through linguistic and non-linguistic means. This is done through an ethnographic study that compares the photographic artist’s creative processes when researching and when not researching. The result consists of a visual diary that makes the selections that happened implicitly during the artistic work traceable.
    Artistic research means, according to a commonly used definition, that artists act as researchers and take a conventionally retrospective look at their art work and present it in a form of a written research report. According to this conception, the process of artistic research can be recorded through a linear and chronological text structure and the artistic content defined in a written form. Hence, the artwork itself would not be able to articulate the implicit process of research.

  • 'What is left behind' at the group exhibition 'jungkunst 2011'
    at Jungkunst Winterthur
    27. - 30. Oktober 2011

  • Summer Residency at Akademie Schloss Solitude 2011
    Jaeger resides from June - August as a Visiting Artistic Researcher at Akademie Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart/Germany.

  • Assistant Artistic Researcher at the Y Institut for Transdisciplinary at Bern University of the Arts
    From May 2011 onwards Jaeger will take over the position of an Assistant Artistic Researcher at the Y Institut for Transdisciplinary at the University of the Arts Bern.

  • NYC Summer Residency 2010
    Jaeger resides from June till August in Brooklyn, New York whilst participating at the art research project School of the Future - an organization that researches ways in which the arts can be used as an educational tool.

  • 'XA' published in der:die:das: magazine, May 2010
    is a brandnew monothematic magazine made in Zurich,
    which examines items, objects and various „things“ from everyday life,
    trying to get to the bottom of their meaning to newly orchestrate them.
    Next to their meaning in everyday life the items will be put in an art- and
    design-discourse, in order to reveal the bizzare and the established all at once.

  • Open Studios 2009
    Open Studios on the 5th and 6th Dezember 09 at Basislager Binz Zürich. Feel warmly invited and free to bring friends, family, buyer and critics to have a stimulating time.
    Räffelstrasse 24
    8045 Zürich Binz

  • New studio address
    From October 09 you'll find me in the container complex Basislager Zürich, Switzerland.

  • Assistant Lecturer in Art Education at the University of the Arts Bern
    From September 2009 onwards Jaeger will take over the position of a Assistant Lecturer in Art Education at the University of the Arts Bern.

  • New Contemporaries 2009
    Jaeger got shortlisted with her project 'I Fail to See What You Mean' for New Contemporaries 2009. The annual Bloomberg New Contemporaries is the exhibition of the UK's best art students and recent graduates.

  • Summer Exhibition 2009
    Jaeger got shortlisted for the Summer Exhibtion 2009 at the Royal Academy of Arts. www.royalacademy.org.uk/exhibitions/sum…

  • 'I fail to see what you mean' at the group exhibition 'Skip Intro'
    at P3 ambika London, 35 Marylebone Road,
    NW1 5LS
    5 - 9 September 2008
    Opening 4 September 2008