The core of my art practice—researching ‘praxis‘ in real-world settings—informs my Art PhD-oing, which concerns production aesthetics in the now of photographic practice. Guided by the question of ‚ What is fabricated in photographic production other than the photograph?', I aim to contribute to the debate on so-called ‘Posthuman Photography’. The research addresses the interactive and networked nature of technologies, materials and practices in shaping the meaning and aesthetics of ‘doing and making’ photographies, investigating areas of photographic production that are hidden and marginalised.

Having pursued Communication Studies (BA, HTW Berlin & Deakin University, Melbourne) and Photographic Studies (MA, University of Westminster, London), I have been working at the intersection of art and research ever since. I am currently an AHRC funded PhD Doctoral candidate at NTU's Fine Art Department.

Besides residencies in New York, Berlin, Paris and Seoul, my work has been exhibited and published internationally with group and solo shows in the UK, US, Germany, Switzerland and Denmark. I was awarded the prestigious Attenborough Prize 2015.

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